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How nice it would be if you wanted to outsource your marketing and you could do it at one agency, Gradus Groothengel (founder of Bengelmedia) thought. A marketing agency with its own studio, an agency that develops marketing plans, media purchasing strategies and communications from A to Z. Bengelmedia was founded six years ago with just this idea.


We now consist of an enthusiastic team of professionals and we work hard to support our clients with commercial, full-service marketing. Our key approach is to listen carefully to the client. We think it is important to know what is going on. We always start with an inventory of the target group, determine together the objectives and research the market in which the client is active. All marketing plans and concepts are conceived, developed and then rolled out by our own creative Bengels. The combination of marketing knowledge and our own studio – with all disciplines under one roof – ensures that we can quickly change tactics and properly anticipate ad hoc situations.


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